Fine Examples Of California’s Hidden Architecture

Carson Mansion in Eureka California

Absolutely exquisite.  This house (mansion?  castle?) sits in Eureka, California.  It is regarded as one of the highest executions of the Americanized Queen Anne style architecture.  It was built in 1884 and cost nearly $80,000 during that time to build.  There are more than 18 rooms sprawling out over 3 floors and more than 16,000 square feet.  The architects on this job were Samuel Newsom and Joseph Cather Newsom.


Mediterranean Style Architecture

Can you imagine sitting in your infinity pool with a view like that, sipping on some cold drinks with good friends and family?  The Seacrest architects brought the Mediterranean into California with this design.  Known for it’s sprawling archways and columns, views, and spacious design, it is a huge 6,000 square feet and contains 12 rooms.


Modern Style Designs

Looking for modern?  Look at this Marc Canadell design that is innovative and luxurious.  The swimming pool is built for use.  The views are incredible with the house overlooking a long dropoff into the Pacific ocean.  At more than 4,000 sq feet the house is comfy for a few but still large enough for many.


Mission Revival Style Architecture

I’ve always been a fan of the Mission Revival style of architecture.  The San Gabriel Civic Auditorium (above) in San Gabriel California is a perfect example of this style of architecture.   The San Gabriel Civic Auditorium also played host to elections in  1936 to decide whether Nixon would be allowed to run for a fifth term.


Spanish Eclectic Designs

The photo above is a great example of residential architecture that incorporates the details and ideals from historical Spanish Eclectic designs.  It is closely related to the Mission style architecture seen during the 1920s and 1930s, that is coming back into popularity today.  The architecture responsible from this design is James Pitch from Italian Renaissance Architecture.

Global Warming? Or Natural Changes? Looking At California’s Weather

After the 9.0 earthquake, and following tsunami, ravaged across Japan, I got to wondering why California was so vulnerable to the same types of disasters. California sits along a fault line that shifts, which causes so many earthquakes in the state on a regular basis. The geographical location of the state also makes it incredibly vulnerable to natural disasters. As long as people are building on the sides of hills that are made of soft foundations, you are going to have problems.

Sitting On A Plate and Shelf

All continents in the world sit on top of plates and shelves that dive deep into the oceans. This hard crust keeps the hot magma in and allowed the continents to raise so that we are able to live on them. These shelves and plates have borders that, when rubbed together, create large tremors that are felt, or otherwise known as earthquakes. The more rubbing and shifting that these plates do the larger the earthquake and potential tsunami are going to be. The reason that the earthquake in Japan was a 9.0 and developed such a large tsunami was due to how much the plates shifted against each other. It was said that the plates shifted 200 meters, or nearly 600 feet. All of this energy is transferred along the plate, and upwards generating a large wave that travels at 500 miles per hour.

Being along the ocean and still maintaining elevation is another reason California is so vulnerable to landslides. The soft cliffs that these homes are built are flirting with disaster. The ocean erodes the entire coastline, with or without people living on it. This erosion, soft soil, combined with high levels of rain spells disaster for most homes.

California & Colorado Marijuana Reform – Should Other States Adopt The Same Laws?

It is hard to listen to politics without hearing about marijuana reform laws, or studies being produced showing the health benefits the plant holds, as well as people who believe that the drug should be classified as a controlled substance and prison sentences offered to it’s users.

Current Law

As it stands right now, only a few states have legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes. “Patients” are able to obtain a card that allows them access to “dispensaries” that dispense weed. While certain states have legalized the plants for medicinal use, the fact remains that it is still considered a controlled substance under the eyes of federal law, and you can still be arrested for it. The medical cards allow patients to grow up to a certain number of plants, as well, which has it’s own set of complications.

Proposed Law

More, and more states are beginning to adopt the same stance that states before them have taken. Legalizing the plant for medicinal purposes is a huge step toward being able to explore it and utilize it to it’s fullest potential. Without being legalized, this is simply not possible. The marijuana plant has been proven to help with a wide variety of ailments, sicknesses and diseases. Legalizing the plant for medicinal use will also allow the federal government to collect tax dollars from the legitimate owners of these dispensaries.

BIG Problems, Though

People have grown their own weed for a very long time, whether in this country or in other countries and smuggling it over the borders. This has led to quite a few shady people being involved in the industry. Dispensaries are at a huge risk for being robbed, and patients and growers who produce their own farms are at as high, or higher risk when they are nearing a harvest for their crop. Because dispensaries are so public it is easy for criminals to take advantage of the situation. These same criminals have sold drugs in the same neighborhoods for years and are facing losing their income, which will cause them to do irrational things to protect their livelihood.

Methods People Use Can Be Shady

Harvesting the plants can be dangerous. One method requires putting the ground up herb into a tube and spraying two cans of butane fluid through it, so that the resin, THC, and other active chemicals flow through the bottom of the tube into a plate. This is called “Honeycomb” or “Budder”. It is thought to be 100% THC. The butane fluid is incredibly flammable. This is just one of the methods people use to extract the contents of the marijuana flowers.